Our Planet

Taking care of the environment from day one…..

Environment first.

We all know that we have a challenge ahead of us to reduce waste and minimise our impact on this only planet on which we are privileged to live. That’s why, as a brand new business, we have taken the view that we’re building the environment into how we operate from day one. Better to prevent a problem than to be part of adding to an existing one.

Takeaway Packaging

Most of our takeaway packaging has been provided by Decent Packaging and is made from plants. PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is derived from corn, rather than fossil fuels which means it can break down in composting bins. The inks and dyes to colour the cups are also plant based.  That means that our takeaway boxes are all fully compostable. Our own branded cups and cup lids are also made from PLA and are also be compostable.

We have contacted Perth & Kinross Council to lobby them to make these forms of waste acceptable in home composting bins and they are working towards solutions on this front.

We’re delighted to work with local waste management experts to segregate our waste and ensure that we minimise any waste that goes to landfill.

Even our lightbulbs, where it was possible, are low energy LEDs.

We proudly support Perth city’s mission to become the most sustainable small city in Europe.