Our Community

Paying it forward, giving it back…..

We are part of one big community.

The humbling thing about being involved in a global industry like coffee, is that it teaches you how interconnected we all are.

Our purpose at Mhor Coffee is to create an artisan community to serve a community of coffee lovers.

We take this approach in all aspects of how we do business.

We will work, where it is possible, with local suppliers. In our Perth Coffee House, our cakes are all made locally. None of the factory made, frozen and defrosted croissants for us. Just tasty, hand made pastries created by local artisan bakers and pastry chefs.

Our coffee is roasted in Perth. Our signage printed in Perth. Our menu created by a social enterprise company in Perthshire. Even the milk in your coffee comes from a local dairy.

This matters to us. It is the ethos of how small businesses should work.