Visit our artisan coffee house, full to the brim with coffee and freshly baked cakes…

…Situated right at the heart of Perth’s historical city centre.

We look forward to welcoming you for your Mhor coffee fix in person at our beautiful scandi style coffee house on Kinnoull Street, Perth.

We’re doggy friendly, with free super fast broadband for those who want to use it for catch up on those emails, or having business meetings and we offer an extensive takeaway menu daily as well sit in at our socially distanced tables. In summer, you can soak up the city centre atmosphere in our small pavement cafe seating on Kinnoull Street.

Our ethos at Mhor Coffee is different. You won’t just get “a coffee” – you’ll be able to select which coffee you want. Sounds obvious but no-one walks into a bar and orders “a beer” – we all want a choice of beers! We’re on a mission to change that about coffee shops. There’s an amazing range of artisan coffees available nowadays and, while we may not have time to taste them all, we can certainly give you mhor of a choice so you will always have a choice of our house coffee, Aonach Mhor, and a rotating guest artisan coffee.

We’ve bean blogging…..